Intelligent Audio Rendering with Ad-Hoc Loudspeakers

UK household survey - audio delivery method relationships

This chart can be used to examine the relationship between different audio-media delivery methods. The dropdown menu can be used to select solely the results from users of a particular delivery method, displaying the percentage of those users who also use each other delivery method. When a delivery method is selected, that method's percentage is therefore 100%.


The data from this survey can be used elsewhere if a citation to the Audio Engineering Society engineering brief is included (reference below). The plots themselves may not be directly replicated without express permission. Contact c.cieciura for details.

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The interactive plots were created using the d3.js Javascript library. The interactive bar charts with the drop-down list are based on an example by Jonah Williams. The interactive bar charts with the clickable legend are based on an example by KatiRG, in turn based on an example by Mike Bostock. The interactive pie charts are based on an example by Danica Shen.