Specific outcomes from the project

Application and evaluation

Practical 2-channel stereo reproduction system measurement technique


Based on the results shown above, a practical technique for evaluating the spatial performance of 2-channel reproduction systems has been developed. This includes synthetic test signals as well as an implementation of the hearing model with convenient display options.


The research undertaken in this project has resulted in the creation of an IACC-based binaural hearing model that predicts the perceived auditory source width of simple stimuli. In addition to this, work has been undertaken into developing appropriate test signals based on the research undertaken into the properties of musical signals. A suitable test signal that excites a range of spatial attributes in 2-channel reproduction systems has been created. The test signal, in combination with the binaural hearing model, can be used to rapidly and accurately evaluate aspects of the spatial performance of a wide range of 2-channel reproduction systems. It is planned to extend this for application to multichannel reproduction systems.


[To be reported]