Specific outcomes from the project

Loudness dependent properties

Relationship between width and IACC dependent on loudness


The loudness dependence of the perceived width of stimuli has been determined, and an equation derived to model this.


Previous research has indicated that the perceived width of stimuli with identical IACC values is dependent on the loudness of the stimuli. However, previous investigations have only used wide-band stimuli to test this, which risks the confounding variable that the low frequencies are more easily perceivable at higher levels. In addition, a method to compensate for this had not been derived.

An experiment was undertaken to verify that loudness does affect the perceived width of stimuli, and to determine a method for compensating for this in a measurement. It was found that the loudness of the stimuli does affect the perceived width, with increasing width with increasing loudness. It was also found that this was consistent across a wide range of frequencies. Based on this a method to compensate for this in measurements was derived that was a simple linear loudness-dependent multiplier.


[To be reported]