Tonmeister: Graduate Jobs

Almost any course these days can probably claim at least one graduate who's gone on to do something vaguely interesting, be it working in a studio, or just happening to once bump into someone slightly famous.

But how many courses can show that their graduates gain employment with the best employers in the industry, year after year? And how many courses can show that the vast majority of their graduates gain meaningful employment in the audio industry, year after year?

Below is a list of what our graduates told us they were up to, within 6 months of graduating, for the last 6 years. As you can see, of those we know about, many go to work for leading employers, around 80% of them have found employment in the audio and music industries, and around 10% have gone onto further study.

2015 graduates

2014 graduates

2013 graduates

2012 graduates

2011 graduates

2010 graduates

2009 graduates

2008 graduates

2007 graduates