IoSR Blog : 7 February 2014

Tonmeister BAFTA nominations

Tonmeisters have been involved in the sound and music for many BAFTA-nominated films this year. Here's some more detail about some of them.

Best film sound

Tonmeister graduate Chris Benstead has been nominated in the best film sound category. He worked as music editor on the film Gravity, one of the most interesting sound design works of recent years. Of the work, Chris said:

“It is amazing to be nominated, but not unexpected as the job everyone did was astonishing. It was probably the most ‘out there’ project I’ve worked on, as there was music flying around."

Best British film

Tonmeisters played a major role in 5 of the 6 films nominated as best British film, as follows.

Mandela, Long walk to freedom


The Selfish Giant



Best original film music

Gravity was also nominated for best music, with the score recorded by Tonmeisters at Abbey Road Studios, and edited by Tonmeisters too.

by Russell Mason