Edit rooms

The edits rooms are used for a wide range of audio post-production tasks.

Studio recordings of classical music are usually made up of a number of takes, that are later edited together. All three edit rooms have Pyramix Native, which is designed specifically for this type of work.

Increasingly, pop music recordings involve significant editing, from correcting the timing of rhythm parts, to tuning vocals. In addition, students often mix at home using their own DAW systems such as Pyramix, ProTools or Logic. To enable this type of work, all three edit rooms have Pyramix Native and ProTools Native, and edit rooms 1 and 2 have fader controllers to assist with mixing.

The edit rooms are also frequently used for post-production audio work for film and TV. This includes sound effects and Foley editing, speech editing and ADR fitting, and creation of pre-dubs. One example of this is the audio post-production coursework which involves editing the location sound and ADR from a pre-recorded television shoot, and adding appropriate music and effects.

In addition to these facilities, edit 3 houses a 12-channel Neve Melbourn console, which allows mixing of tracks or stems via a classic analogue console, as well as a range of 2-channel recording and replay devices such as cassette, DAT, and CD recorders.

Edit 1

Edit 1 contains:

Edit 2

Edit 2 contains:

Edit 3

Edit 3 contains: